About my love of food

After finding out I had high cholesterol I decided to make a change. That change became more profound once I moved from living with my parents in Chicago, to moving in with my boyfriend in Los Angeles. While searching for a job and a new life, I took up cooking as a hobby. I soon realized that cooking dinner every night was my way of coping and dealing with change. Years later I have found a passion for what used to be my hobby, and my boyfriend also became my husband.

Cooking for 2 became a challenge for me. But as I got better at cooking, I soon realized I had an obsession with recipes. Once we became engaged I also started my “wedding diet.” Being the cook in the house helped me make the changes I wanted to see in myself. There was one problem. My husband, who was born in Ukraine, grew up on meat and potatoes. It has been the most exciting challenge to find recipes that are healthy, that him and I will both like, and slowly wean him off his childhood routines.

My goal in life is to make sure my man is satisfied. So I dedicate this blog to recipes that are filling, healthy, easy, and satisfying.

A few things you need to know about me:
I am obsessed with Food Network (especially Giada)
I love to entertain
I love to try new recipes (I rarely make the same thing twice)
I am a chocoholic
I am addicted to sandwiches
Food is my life.


6 thoughts on “About my love of food

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    This is Jan B! Your Blog is fantastic. By the way I am also a Food Network Junkie, but Ina is my girl! Cooking has always been a source of therapy for me as well.
    I look forward to more blog posts from you,


  2. Hi Stephanie, I am russian as is your husband but I grew up on having salads soups and various foods not really the meat and potato kind of thing…One thing I love is to try various recipes and my husband who is not really a meat lover we got lucky to eat a lot of fish and chicken and once and a while we do meats…I am enjoying your blog. By the way I also love Giada myself with having a privilege to meeting year some years ago….keep up your cooking and more blogging


  3. Hi Stephanie, I got to spend the day with your mom today. She is awesome and so is your food blog! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Your photos make me hungry! All the best, –DeeDee


  4. Hi Stephanie ! I’ve got to try anything with avocado. Being a California native transplanted to Illinois, I truely miss those avocados from California! And, I’m with you on anything lemon. Fantastic recipes that I will try.


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