Egg Avocado Toast

This recipe combines my love of avocados with my favorite breakfast go-to, eggs. I started making this as something cool I stumbled upon online, and it soon became my morning staple on the days I workout (aka the days I am up early).

What I love about this toast is that it takes minutes to make and is so healthy for you! I usually eat this before a workout so only 1 piece of toast works for me. You can easily eat this as a sandwich and add another piece of toast on top, or make 2 open face sandwiches.

Egg Avocado Toast

egg avocado toast


1 piece of sliced bread (any kind you like)
1 egg
1/2-1 avocado (I usually use 1/2 per slice of bread)
1 tsp butter or oil
Kosher salt


1. Toast your bread
2. Spread on your avocado
3. Add salt
4. Cook your egg and add it on top

Place your bread in the toaster oven (or however you like to toast your bread). Toast bread to your liking.

Heat a small pan with olive oil or butter and wait until the butter melts and starts to sizzle. Crack your egg into the pan to fry it. Flip the egg once the sides get a little brown and the white part starts to solidify. Cook the egg to your liking.

Meanwhile, slice open your avocado and take out the pit if that’s the half you choose to use. I usually choose the “un-pitted” half first, and drizzle the half with the pit with lime juice, wrap it tightly in tin foil, and put it in the fridge to use for the next day.

**Avocado tip: The easiest way to get the avocado flesh out of the skin is to run a knife horizontally through the flesh until your knife hits the skin (do not pierce the skin). Create these slits throughout the whole half making parallel horizontal cuts. (You can run your knife the opposite way making your way down the avocado creating squares and it comes out even easier). Then take your knife and run it along the outside of the flesh where the flesh meets the skin. Run your knife all the way around and under the flesh and the pieces you just cut should fall out easily. **

Once your bread is toasted place it on a plate, and add your cut avocado on top of the bread. Mash the avocado into the bread creating more of a spread than pieces of avocado. Sprinkle kosher salt on top of the avocado (trust me this makes a HUGE difference! Salt on avocado and salt on eggs is a necessity to greatness!). Once your egg is cooked to your liking place it on top of the avocado, and vuala!

egg avocado toast2

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